Recent Projects

Tajikistan 2010-2012

Our Team was appointed by the Mountain Societies Development Support Project (MSDSP), a project of the Aga Khan Foundation, in the Pamir mountain region of Tajikistan –a former Soviet republic. The Project’s aim was to develop eco-friendly tourism in the autonomous region of Gorno-Badakhshan (GBAO) through the creation of a community development plan, in order to help the Pamiri people supplement their limited incomes that relied primarily on subsistence farming. Within the identified communities we analyzed, researched and made recommendations for a cohesive destination marketing approach which would also ensure ease of communication, governance and streamlined tourism product delivery .Products included hotels, home-stays, incoming tour operators, drivers, (specialized) guiding services (such as mountaineering), equipment hire and other basic service provisions.


PECTA Tajikistan


Young students Khorog, Tajikistan

Guyana 2013-2015

In Guyana, the Government launched its Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) to transform Guyana’s economy to a low carbon sustainable development trajectory Whilst simultaneously com bating climate change. Tourism development was a vital part of the strategy. The Team was asked to develop a tourism strategy for the Rupununi, a remote region in the south-west of the country, bordering the Amazonian forest. Conservation International Guyana (CIG) commissioned us to develop a local strategic marketing plan with linkage to the strategy of the national tourist board of Guyana, Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA).


Course Certificates, Guyana


Customized Training, Surama, Guyana

Belize 2017-2018

Commissioned by the Belizean Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, GTC, in cooperation with Acorn Consultants and ITC-A, developed Business Development, Marketing Plans and Training Programs for two economically and geographically disadvantaged regions of Belize – Corozal in the north and Toledo in the South. The project focused heavily on community engagement, destination planning, and skills development. The consultancy team helped to establish the management and promotion of tourism ‘corridors’ in both regions, with the active involvement of commercial entities, local government and affected indigenous communities.


Creole Experience, Belize


Culinary Trail Belize